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Customer service

Customer Service

Our new user-friendly website allows visitors to easily and quickly find the answers and the information they need.

Enhancing the taxpayers’ experience is at the center of another DOA innovation: E-Real Property.

E-Real Property is the key component of an extensive upgrade to the DOA website, making the site more user-friendly and providing citizens with virtually every piece of information the county collects related to property in King County.

The available information includes property assessments, the data used in the assessment process, how the property tax rate is established, how the property tax is collected, and where the property tax funds are distributed.

Prior to the eReal Property application, DOA could make available to the public only a very limited amount of information on its website: 25 land data items and 12 building data items. E-Real Property greatly expanded the amount of information available to include 58 land data items, 32 building data items, as well as historical photographs, current and historical sketches of properties, a tax roll history dating back to 1983, and a quarter-section map link.

Additionally, eReal Property includes links that allow a visitor to access related information such as tax bills, building and development data, critical area information, mapping, scanned images such as recorded surveys, and plat images. Links to other property tax-related sites are also provided. These include the Property Tax Advisor, Washington State Department of Revenue, Washington State Board of Tax Appeals, King County Local Board of Equalization and the King County Recorder's Office.

Following the introduction of e-Real Property, web page views went from 300,000 per month to four million per month.

In addition, the new user-friendly design of our website allows visitors to easily and quickly find the answers and the information they need.