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Health Home Program

Health Home Program

The Health Home Program provides care coordination of medical, behavioral health and long-term services and supports for eligible individuals of all ages, at no cost to your client. The program uses a network of local agencies that work together to help clients understand and manage their health concerns. This helps reduce dependence on emergency departments and prevents avoidable hospitalizations.

Bill Wilson, Healthcare Integration Care Planner

Forms and Resources

The most up-to-date versions of Health Home forms can be found on the Washington State Health Care Authority Health Home website.

Download the Health Home Frequently Asked Questions Guide

FAQ Summary of Changes, July 14, 2018
Page Section Specifics
1 Tiers, Rates, and Billing Added language clarifying if a Tier 3 service is allowable if there is no contact with the client that month
2 Onboarding on new Health Home Staff Added the Care Coordinator Completion Dates Form to the CHPW onboarding requirements
8 Tiers, Rates, and Billing Added a new section outlining the revised billing process
8 Data Submission and Authorizations Created a new subsection to designate where information can be located on data submission and authorizations
11 Due Diligence Updated the Due Diligence requirements to outline Molina's due diligence requirements
14 Opt- Out Add language outlining Molina's opt-out process
17 Progress Notes Added language clarifying when to complete progress notes
17 Care Transitions Added a Care Transitions section
19 Pre-Manage EDIE Alerts Added seciton XIV. Pre-Manage EDIE Alerts
20 Incident Report Added language clarifying when an agency has to complete an Extraordinary Occurrence in addition to the HCA Incident Report.
20 Incident Report Added langauage outlining the Molina incident report policy.
20 Interpreter Services Updated the Interpreter Services section with the change to HCA's language services as of July 1, 2018.
23 Miscellaneous Added language indicating that Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork does not need to be collected if a POA opts-out for a client who is over 18 years of age.
24 Resources Added language explaining what the CHPW toolkit is
25 Participating Agencies Updated the list of participating agencies; removing DESC, CPC, Harborview and Navos


Prior to performing Health Home Services, Care Coordinators shall complete and maintain evidence of satisfactory completion of all applicable training requirements, in accordance with Health Home Policies and Procedures.

Training requirements include:

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