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2017 Waste Less News newsletter - Compost More. Waste Less. Food & food-soiled paper recycling in King County, WA

Waste Less News

Department of Natural Resources and Parks
Solid Waste Division

2017 Waste Less News


Winter 2017
Bags! Bags! & more bags!; Tips and tricks: Paper? Recycling? Sorting? Who knows?; Unrecyclable plastics, what is or is not okay?; Holiday food = holiday waste? Doesn't need to be!; New recycling rule starts January 2018 - sort it out!


Fall 2017
Amp up your closet, shop sustainably; Ever wonder what's made from recycled plastics?; Stop being forgetful, shop smart; Got a tough recycling question? Ask us and enter to win a kitchen container!


Summer 2017
Special & Household Hazardous Waste; Bag Your Bags; Soak up the Mess; Cook Once, Eat Twice: Recipes that Make Great Leftovers; Try Compost this Season


Spring 2017
Waste Less & Recycle More at King County Transfer Stations & Drop Boxes; Quick and Easy Plastic Sorting; Countertop Food Waste Collection; Beyond Tupperware: Food Storage Techniques to Know; Repair Café Video

King County Solid Waste Division mission: Waste Prevention, Resource Recovery, Waste Disposal

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