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Waste management options and climate change from King County’s Solid Waste Division

Waste management practices and climate change

There are several ways that our waste can be managed, with each having different impacts on climate change. The image below illustrates how different waste management strategies contribute to climate change.

Of the four waste management options illustrated in the image below, King County does not practice incineration. King County owns and operates the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. The private sector operates landfill gas–to–energy, composting and recycling facilities serving King County.

The Solid Waste Division is doing many things to address climate change. These efforts are summarized in the 2010 King County Solid Waste Division Climate Team ReportDownload PDF 2.7 MB which will be updated in 2017. Find out what the rest of King County is doing to address climate change, and find out what you can do to make a difference.

graphic: life cycle stages - contribution from waste to climate change

Contribution from waste to climate change (2004) retreived from the UNEP/GRID-Arendal Maps and Graphics Library external link .

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