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Don't Trash Your Analog TV!Download PDF 233 K
On Feb 17, 2009, television stations stopped broadcasting analog signals and converted to digital. Don't panic - your analog TV will be able to receive the new digital transmissions as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

The End of Life Management: flat panel displays devices reportDownload PDF 1.1 MB
This report is a summary on of dominant flat panel display technologies that are used in televisions, computer monitors, and other electronic devices; the potentially hazardous components contained within these devices; the potential health and environmental impacts associated with end-of-life management; and the potential for recycling the flat panel display devices and their related components.

Basel Action Network's Electronic Stewardship InitiativeDownload PDF 22 K
The basics of how we qualify responsible electronics recyclers as pledge-signers

Department of Ecology interim enforcement policy - conditional cxclusion for cathode ray tubes (CRT) and related electronic wastesDownload PDF external link
Interim rules for managing electronic wastes in Washington State.

PSI fact sheet: product stewardship financing modelsDownload PDF 140 K
The Washington State electronics recycling bill required manufacturers of covered electronic products (CEPs) offered for sale in Washington to create and finance a system for the collection, transportation, and processing of CEPs by January 1, 2009.

Take it Back Network recycling brochureDownload PDF 155 K
This document provides a handy print-out of recycling options and contact information for electronics and fluorescent lamps. It also outlines disposal regulations and provides recycling instructions.

Take it Back Network agreement (MS Word, 162 K)
Agreement between King County and Take it Back Network recyclers.

King County Solid Waste Division mission: Waste Prevention, Resource Recovery, Waste Disposal

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