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King County Science Seminars

Science Seminars

Water and Land Resources Division

The Science Section sponsors semiannual, half day Science Seminars in which visiting lecturers and King County staff present recent findings from their environmental monitoring programs. The Science Seminar provides an opportunity for sharing information between staff and with the public, and also allows staff to gain public speaking experience in front of professional peers. Science Seminars are open to all interested environmental science professionals and the public. For more information about Science Seminars, please contact Kate O’Laughlin.

After each seminar, the presentation materials are made available below, typically as Acrobat PDF files.

Fall Science Seminar, 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019, 8th Floor Conference Center, King Street Center
Hosted by the King County Science Section

Session I: Planning and Management Action

Moderator: Dave Funke. Session I: Planning and Management Action

Beyond the Crash–Evolving Lake Sammamish Kokanee Conservation Strategies - PDF
Jim Bower

WRIA 9 Marine Shoreline Monitoring and Compliance, Phase 2 - PDF
Kollin Higgins

In Search of a Unique Juvenile Salmon in the Snoqualmie River - PDF
Josh Kubo

News From Beaverworld: Policy, Project Planning, and Fish Passage - PDF
Jen Vanderhoof

King County’s Water Quality Benefits Evaluation (WQBE) - PDF
Carly Greyell

Session II: Indicators and Toxics

Moderator: Deb Lester. Session II: Indicators and Toxics

Step One In Restoring and Protecting Streams: Figuring out What to Fix - PDF
Beth Sosik

Bioretention Capture Efficacy of PCBs Over Time - PDF
Richard Jack

Contaminants in Artificial Turf Stormwater Runoff: Testing an Alternative to Crumb Rubber - PDF
Jenée Colton

Is Stormwater Harming Our Streams? Long-Term Metals - PDF
Daniel Nidzgorski

What’s Floating Amongst The Floaters? Investigating Fecal Bacteria on the Snoqualmie - PDF
Andrew Miller

Previous Seminars & Presentations

Thursday, November 5, 2015, 8th Floor Conference Center, King Street Center


Dave White

Session 1: Water Quality Assessment

Moderator: Dean Wilson

The CSO water quality assessment and monitoring study
Dean Wilson

Current conditions and trends in Elliott Bay water and sediment quality - PDF
Wendy Eash-Loucks

Current conditions and trends in Lake Union water and sediment quality - PDF
Tim Clark

King County surface waters: contaminants of emerging concern survey - PDF
Richard Jack

Overview of King County’s CSO long-term control plan - PDF
John Phillips

Session 2: Water Quality Monitoring

Moderator: Jenée Colton

Canine and qPCR microbial source tracking in Juanita and Thornton creeks - PDF
Andrew Miller

Locating human sewage sources in a small urban stream using temperature/conductivity dataloggers - PDF
Jonathan Frodge

How dry (and warm) I am. Summer 2015 King County drought status reporting - PDF
Curtis DeGasperi

Is it elk, deer, cattle, human or what? Source tracking in Boise Creek's stormwater system - PDF
Jeanne Dorn

Lake Sammamish water quality response to land use change - PDF
Debra Bouchard

Closing Remarks

Dave White