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Subcontractor Payments

Subcontractor Payments

King County is committed to paying invoices on time. If your invoice payments are late, please make sure our Accounts Payable team has all the info required to process your invoices correctly.

If you've taken the steps below and are still receiving late payments, please contact the agency leading the project. 

Invoicing FAQ

  • The prime consultant and/or contractor is required to submit their invoice, which includes their subconsultant's and/or subcontractor's (sub) invoices for the billing period, to King County by the 20th of each month.The billing period should be for services rendered the prior month
  • The prime is paid within 20 business days of King County receiving a properly documented invoice and the prime is required to pay their subs within 10 business days of receipt of payment from King County.
  • In order to facilitate an environment that promotes prompt payment to subs, King County will be taking the following actions:
    • Invoicing will be a topic of focus during Kick-Off Meetings
    • Further reinforcement with primes that invoices are due monthly 
    • Imposing a date certain of the 20th of each month for invoices to be submitted to King County.
  • A properly documented invoice is one that is in compliance with the contract terms.  Issues commonly seen which result in a unproperly documented invoice are:
    • Unapproved or incorrect labor, overhead, and/or fee rates on the prime's and/or subs' invoices
    • Unapproved, incorrect, or undocumented Invoiced Other Direct Charges (ODCs) on the prime's and/or subs' invoices
    • Sub invoices that span longer than one month, are later than 2 months, and do not incorporate any rate changes that occurred during the period.
    • Direct rate firms invoicing fully burdened rates instead of showing labor, overhead, and fee.
    • Work billed as one-line item instead of broken out by task on cost plus fixed fee contract.
  • King County requires the prime to submit properly documented invoices for all subs completing work within a billing period as part of the prime's invoice.  If the prime or any sub does not provide a properly documented invoice, then the prime's invoice is not properly documented, which delays the invoice from being processed.
  • The invoices also need to be submitted correctly, via Unifier (or other application depending on Agency), or sent to PM directly, or etc.
  • The CPA#, other identifying contract & work order numbers, and contract name need to be accurate and prominent
  • The vendor name, the county Project Representative’s name, billing period, and invoice number should be clear
  • The tax rate, and tax amount must be correct
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