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Tips for Success

Register and set up email preferences to receive automatic email notifications of publicly advertised procurements.

Create opportunities and increase the competitiveness of your firm as a Supplier for King County. Small businesses are highly encouraged to participate in the Small Contractors and Suppliers (SCS) certification program.

If you are invited by NAICS code to participate in a publicly advertised solicitation, you will automatically receive notice when addenda are issued.

If you were not invited to participate in the solicitation, you can view details of all advertised solicitations on the Solicitations Abstract webpage.

You must register in the E-Procurement Supplier Portal in order to access solicitations. Once registered you must login to "View Active Solicitations" from the homepage to search the solicitation you’re interested in. You must "Acknowledge Participation" in order to create a response and see addenda.

If you plan on submitting a bid or proposal for a solicitation, you are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings.  The intent of the pre-bid/proposal conference is to assist you in more fully understanding the requirements of the solicitation.  You are encouraged to submit questions in advance to enable the County to prepare responses; these questions should be E-mailed to the Buyer.  Questions will also be encouraged during the pre-bid/proposal conference. You may not rely upon any oral statements or conversations at this meeting, but only on any addenda/clarification documents issued by the County.

King County’s E-Procurement Portal will not allow late bids/proposals or modifications of bid/proposal submission after the specified close date/time for receipt. You assume full responsibility for ensuring electronic delivery of bids/proposals on or before the close date/time as specified. You should allow for sufficient time to complete the electronic submission prior to bid/proposal closing.

If your firm’s proposal was not selected for a contract award,  you may ask via email/phone call for a debrief meeting with the Buyer listed in the solicitation.  The purpose of the debriefing is to discuss the your overall ranking, give a description of the strengths and weaknesses of just your firm's proposal, and answer any relevant questions about the selection process.  The debriefing will not include any comparison with other proposals, the strengths and weaknesses, or ranking of other proposals, copies of the other proposals, or any trade secrets or proprietary information. 

Living Wage

Companies awarded a King County contract are required to pay their employees a living wage.

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