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Sustainable Purchasing

  • Sustainable Purchasing Ordinance (KCC 18.20) - 2018
    King County has incorporated environmental attributes into purchasing policies since 1989, when it passed its recycled product procurement policy. The most recently passed policy redefines “sustainable” as more than just environmental, clarifies agency responsibilities, and uses ecolabels and environmental certifications as minimum requirements. It also aligns the County's purchasing with other relevant policies, including King County's Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP), Green Building Ordinance, and Equity & Social Justice initiatives
  • Sustainable Purchasing Executive Policy (CON-7-22-1-EP) - 2023
    This policy provides guidelines for the Sustainable Purchasing Ordinance (KCC 18.20). Pulling together sustainable purchasing requirements and strategies related to procurement from various King County policies, it offers guidance on specific commodities as well as general directions for making more sustainable choices when purchasing.

Related Sustainability Policies

King County has many other policies and plans that complement sustainable purchasing:

  • King County Strategic Plan
    The King County Strategic Plan (KCSP) is the highest-level strategic planning document for the County, establishing the strategic priorities for the overall government. It has seven goal areas, including: Healthy Environment - Preserve open space and rural character while addressing climate change. There are four goal areas within Healthy Environment:
    • Maintain rural character by focusing new growth in urban areas
    • Protect and support healthy and productive farms, forests, and open spaces
    • Reduce countywide greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030
    • Integrate climate preparedness into County operations and provision of public services
  • King County Strategic Climate Action Plan (2020)
    A five year blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions within county operations and services. There are five goal areas:
    • Transportation and Land Use
    • Buildings and Facilities Energy
    • Green Building
    • Consumption and Materials Management
    • Forests and Agriculture
  • Green Building Ordinance (2022)
    Under the ordinance, all county government construction and major renovation projects — including transfer stations, bus shelters, roads and bridges — are required to seek a LEED platinum rating.

Other Sustainability Policies

  • Equity and Social Justice (2010)
    The Equity & Social Justice ordinance identifies focus areas and supports the development of policies and actions that improve fairness and opportunity in county government organizational practices, such as contracting and procurement. The Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan (2016–2022) is a blueprint for change, mutually created by King County employees and community partners.


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