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P-Card Coordinators

P-Card Coordinators

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Ladna Farah 206-477-1559

Tami Schackman 206-263-1558
Director's Office
Nicholas Makhani 206-263-9304

Housing Repair Program (H2CD2)
Edward Wilson 206-477-1502

All Other DCHS
Teesha Bailey 206-263-7991
Danielle Lucero 206-263-3641

Alec Chandler 206-477-2078

Business Resource Center
Danita Carter 206-263-8644

Facilities Management
Lana Imada 206-477-9408

Finance and Business Operations
Karl Nygard 206-263-9683

Darcy Cinq-Mars 206-477-9212

Office of Emergency Management
Sherrie Chatman 206-205-4064

Records and Licensing Service
Tyler Rebillion 206-263-2823

Risk Management
Sergey Kovalchuk 206-477-7787
Andres Fuerte 206-263-0930

Hanh Mai 206-477-9377
Renee Richards 206-263-9357
Director’s Office
Jillian Scheibeck 206-263-9692

Warren Cheney 206-477-0383

Roads - Primary
Lan Whiting 206-477-4872

Roads - Backup
Macile Assink 206-477-6132
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Paul Mudrovich 206-263-7872
Director's Office
Chris Zanassi 206-477-4541

Parks and Recreation
Andrea Smith 206-263-1695

Solid Waste
Nebiat Tekle 206-477-0784

Wastewater Treatment
Quiana Barker

Water Land and Resources
Alexis Tilley 206-477-4589
Department Coordinator
Melba Fleming 206-263-4066
Administrative Services Division & Director’s Office
Byron Williams 206-263-9568

Assessment, Policy Development and Evaluation, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention
Alvin Yang 206-263-2266

Community Health Services
Cathleen Garcia 206-263-8593

Emergency Medical Services
Helen Chatalas 206-263-8560

Environmental Health
Michael Perez 206-263-8638

Jail Health Services
Michael Trinh 206-477-2338

Megan Menkveld 206-263-8120
Office of the Executive & Performance Strategy and Budget
Harriet Thrash-Killham 206-477-3513

Labor Relations
Megan Pedersen 206-263-2898
Bus Operations
Jen Roper Gulsrud 206-263-3641

Capital Division
Wynne Chau 206-263-8973

Employee Services
Maria Cabrales 206-263-8969

Renee Jacklin-Pool 206-263-5502

General Managers Office & Finance and Administration
Willy Traub 206-263-0612

Sarah Stefano 206-477-3802

Mobility Division
Atama Anand 206-263-8863

Rail Division
Bernice Mimms 206-903-7788

Vehicle Maintenance
Lloyd Laigo 206-263-8089

Additional Assistance

Use Tax
Minh Tran 206-477-7565
US Bank Fraud Department

For Coordinator List updates or questions about the P-Card Program, please contact the P-Card team at

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