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HIV/AIDS annual reports

HIV/AIDS annual reports

These reports include data tables, figures, and feature articles describing the local and state-wide epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in King County and Washington state.

2023 Annual Report

The goal of this report is to provide a detailed summary and evaluation of efforts related to HIV/AIDS in King County. It includes HIV surveillance data, information on populations most affected by HIV, and critical evaluations of various components of our program. We aim to answer these questions: What is the scope of the HIV epidemic in King County and how does that compare to the overall epidemic in Washington State? Who is most impacted by the epidemic? and What are we doing to prevent HIV and ensure the successful treatment of people living with HIV?

We welcome feedback on the information presented as we are always striving to ensure this report is accessible to and meets the needs of our community.

Screenshot of the cover for the 2023 HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Report and Community Profile