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Public Notice: Cedar Grove Composting

Cedar Grove Composting

Public Notice: King County solid waste handling permit application

Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Environmental Health Services Division has received a completed solid waste handling permit application for a Transfer Station from Cedar Grove Composting, Inc. The proposed facility is located at 7343 East Marginal Way South in Seattle.

As proposed, the facility will accept organic wastes such as herbivorous animal manure, food, marijuana, yard debris, and wood wastes. These will be stored indoors for a maximum of 72 hours before being hauled to a permitted composting facility. The transfer station facility will not be open to the public and will only be open to commercial vehicles.

The application was completed as required under the State of Washington criteria for transfer station facilities (Chapter 173-350 Washington Administrative Code ) and the King County Board of Health Solid Waste Regulations (Title 10 of the Code of the King County Board of Health).

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