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Donated Leave

Donated Leave

Your rights and responsibilities

If your medical leave will extend beyond your accrued paid leave and you want to request leave donations, please complete the form to request donations. DAJD Human Resources will post your request on our Intranet web site to notify DAJD employees of your need for donated leave. You may be notified by DAJD payroll staff if you receive donated leave and it will show on your pay check stub as your balance. Any donated leave must be used after your own accrued leave of that same type, (i.e., sick leave, donated sick leave, vacation leave, donated vacation leave). If the donated leave is not used in 90 calendar days, it reverts back to the donor. When your leave has been certified as FMLA and you begin use of donated leave or go in a no pay status, you will not accrue seniority or service credits and KCFML starts.