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Home safety

Home safety

Always call 911 if you have a fire

General home safety

Check smoke detectors
Check the first or last day of every month by testing them with a well-aimed poke from a broomstick.

Change batteries
A good reminders is when you turn your clocks forward or backward for daylight savings time.

Keep your stove company
Kitchen fires often occur when wandering cooks forget that they are cooking. When cooking, wear short or close-fitting sleeves to prevent clothing from catching fire.

Keep furniture away from windows so children can be prevented from tumbling out an open window. Drawers have been used by children as stairs, so be sure to anchor tall chests to walls to prevent them from falling over. This will also be helpful in case of an earthquake.

Use a step-stool or ladder with nonslip treads, a safety rail and rubber-capped feet
Instead of climbing on a chair, counter or table to change light bulbs or grab something out of reach.

Stairs should be used only for feet, not for storage of toys, laundry, etc.