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Adopted public rules

Adopted public rules

Chapter Title
9-04 Right-of-way and Drainage Facility Restoration and Site Stabilization Bond Amended 11/5/1995
9-04 Retention/Detention Facilities: "In Operation" Effective 8/22/1997
13-24 Utilities Technical Review Committee (UTRC) Amended 10/29/1995
14-28 Irrigation and Lighting Systems in County Right-of-way Amended 11/5/1995
16-04 Condominium conversions Effective 11/5/1995
16-04 Residential Basics Program Amended 11/5/1995
16-04 Structural Loading: Minimum Roof Snow Loads Effective 10/22/2001
17-04 Alternative Fire Apparatus Access Turnarounds Effective 1/22/1999
Alternative Fire Apparatus Access Turnarounds, Attachment A 
17-08 Fire Hydrants and Water Mains Effective 1/5/1983
17-09 Fire Apparatus Access Road Requirements for Roadways Based on Width Effective 4/16/2009
20-20 Notice of Proposed Social Service Facilities Effective 4/9/2001
20-20 Posted Public Notice: Form and Design Requirements Effective 8/30/1996
20-44 SEPA Consultant Selection Amended 11/5/1995
21A-08 Accessory Dwellings: Notice on Title Effective 9/11/1997
21A-24 Sensitive Areas: Notice on Title Amended 1/9/1995
21A-24 Sensitive Areas: Public and Private Trails Amended 1/9/1995
21A-24 Steep Slope Hazard Areas: Vegetation Removal for View Corridors Effective 3/5/1995
21A-24 Sensitive Areas: Presumption of Salmonids, Sensitive Area and Buffer Modifications, and Mitigation Requirements, Amended 7/19/2002
21A-24 Sensitive Areas: Maintenance of Roadside Ditches Used by Salmonids, Effective 7/19/2002

Critical Areas: Channel Migration Zone, Notice of Adoption and Public Rule, Effective 1/11/2020

Critical Areas: Channel Migration Zones, Appendix AAppendix B and Appendix C, Effective 1/11/2020

For additional information and maps, visit the Department of Natural Resources & Parks (DNRP), Water and Land Services, Channel Migration Hazards web page.

21A-24 Critical Areas: Designation, Classification and Mapping of Channel Migration Zones Effective 3/14/2022
21A-26 Minor Communication Facilities: Method for Determining Applicability and Procedures for Review Effective 9/15/1999
21A-38 Stream Corridors P-suffix (BCP-P2) Exemption Procedures for Native Growth Easement Requirements Effective 3/21/1997
25-16 Shoreline Master Program: Repair or Replacement of Shoreline Protection, Piers, Moorage Facilities, or Launching Facilities Effective 5/4/2000

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