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Lakeside Industries Asphalt COMM18-0014

Lakeside Industries Asphalt COMM18-0014


*Update* 4-14-2022 - Notice of Decision can be found here 

Lakeside Industries Asphalt Plan

Record: COMM18-0014

The links below will open application and project files.  Each file contains multiple project documents.  Each document is bookmarked.

Resubmittal August 27, 2020

Plans; Site, Engineering, Structural and Mitigation

  1. PLANS-DEA - Lakeside MV - Site Engineering Plans 2020-06-08
  2. PLANS-SMG-18-183B CALCS Rev1 - part 1
  3. PLANS-SMG-18-183B CALCS Rev1 - part 2
  4. PLANS-SMG-18-183F Calcs R1
  5. PLANS-SMG-18-183F-01 thru 04 110119
  6. PLANS-SMG-18-183H Calcs Rev 0
  7. PLANS-SMG-18-183H00 THRU 02 R0
  8. PLANS-SMG-18183B Stamped Drawings
  9. PLANS-TWC_Mitigation Plan_Lakeside_2020-06-04_V2

Environmental Reports and Comments

A-1-Lakeside Response to Public Comments Matrix

A-2-Combined SEPA Checklist (Plant and Transportation Facility)

A-3-PERM-120-Kent PSCAA NOC#11175 REG#14103

A-4-DEA-Lakeside MV-Technical Information Report 2020-06-08 and appendices

A-11-DEA-Roadside Ditch Hydrology Memo

A-12-PERM-123-WSDOT Frontage Plans Permit

A-13-AESI-Response Letter

A-14-AESI Response Letter - Supplement

A-15-BQWS Critical Areas King County-Lakeside

A-16-TWC-Response to Muckleshoot Tribe Comments

A-17-TWC-Response to Suquamish Tribe Comments

A-18-TWC-Watershed Responses to King County Comments

A-19-Fire Protection Plan Approved Fire Flow and Tank Sizing

A-20-Ramboll-Updated Noise Assessment Report

A-21-Mitigation Area Trade Email RE Comment F47

 Critical Areas Report (CAD) for Associated Septic Permit

CADS19-0259 Complete Letter & Map

Other Documents

Transmittal Letter RE Response to 11.18.19 KC Comments

Response to 11.18.19 KC Comments 

Original Submttial

1.    NOA

2.    Building Permit Plans Complete

3.    Flood Hazard Certificate 18-0905

4.    Floodplain Analysis 18-0905

5.    Legal Description

6.    Maple Valley Asphalt Facility 18-1002 CSWPP

7.    Site Engineering Plans 18-1105

8.   TIR 18-1002

9.   Transmittal to DPER 18-1106

10.  Affidavit for Application

11.  Certification of Applicant Status

12.   Esmt Docs 18-1022 

13.  Finalized Applicant Response to GRDE17-0069 Comments

14.  SEPA Checklist 18-1105

15.  Noise Study 18-1101

16.  Structural Calculations

17.  SR-169 Updated Transportation Impact Analysis 18-1102

18.  Critical Area Report 18-0906

19.  Maple Valley Asphalt Plant revised 2-1-19

20.  Maple Valley Asphalt Plant CAA-revised

21. Request for Additional Information