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Management, Policy, and Administration

Management, Policy, and Administration

The Director's Office

The Director's Office works to ensure DPD is providing excellent legal representation to its clients and to support staff who do the day-to-day work of public defense. The Director's Office oversees DPD's budget and operations, staffing, hiring, human resources, case coordination, assigned counsel, and other operational needs. It also directs the department's policy, litigation, and legislative strategy, as well as our work in external affairs and partnership-building. 


Anita Khandelwal
Gordon Hill
Nathan Bays
Katie Hurley
Brian Flaherty
Tara Urs
Scott Ketterling
Laura Federighi
Will Casey
Melanie Oberlander
Stev Weidlich
Sithong Sosavanh

The Managing Attorneys

DPD's four managing attorneys provide oversight and direction to staff in their respective divisions. They monitor caseloads, support case strategy, supervise staff, oversee operations, and handle the many issues that arise in the fast-paced environment of a large public defense division. 


Kari Boyum
Matt Pang
Ben Goldsmith
Matt Sanders