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Determinants Of Equity and Data Tool

Determinants Of Equity and Data Tool

As part of our work to become a welcoming community where every person can thrive, King County has identified 15 determinants of equity outlined in Ordinance 16948. These population-level indicators help us better understand disparities and opportunities to make a difference across the communities we serve.

Below are links to the 15 determinants of equity. The links will take users to data for each determinant, including maps, charts, and graphics.

This tool contains data that varies from point in time to 10+ years of data and it will be updated as data becomes available.

Data included in this tool is largely based on individual responses to various census surveys. To the extent possible, we have included disaggregation by race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, and other subcategories when available. The dashboard below provides a list of the various data categories available by indicator.

Indicator Data Disaggregation Index

Determinants of Equity Data Tool

The Determinants of Equity interactive tool allows you to understand and analyze equity conditions in 15 key areas and track progress over time.

Using the Tool

The King County Determinants of Equity tool provides a snapshot of how well communities are doing relative to other communities in the region or nationally.

The tool supports equity gap analyses to inform policy and program development. Data has been disaggregated by race and other demographic and intersectional characteristics, where possible.

Policymakers and program managers are encouraged to use the dashboard to inform policy and program development and budget decisions. The tool is also intended for community members and community-based organizations to better understand disparities in King County as they work to advance equity and social justice goals.



Your Opinion Matters!

We seek to understand the ways people are using this tool and value your feedback. If you have questions, or would like to leave feedback, please do so here:

What are we measuring?

The Determinants of Equity tool includes population-level indicators aimed at measuring people’s real and tangible opportunities to thrive. The indicators reflect the societal and institutional factors that impact people’s lives, such as physical and social environment, economic growth and opportunities, and access to health, education, and social services that can either serve or hinder people’s opportunities to thrive and life outcomes.

Why the Determinants of Equity matter

In order to become a welcoming community where every person can thrive, we must understand where inequities exist and which groups experience inequities the most. This understanding allows us to develop policies, programs, and budgets that focus on where needs are greatest so that we contribute to more equitable outcomes for all people in our communities.