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King County Editorial Style Manual - Listings - Y

King County Editorial Style Manual - Listings - Y

year-end. Hyphenate both the noun and adjective.

yearlong. One word.

year-round. Hyphenate.

years. Use numerals without commas: In 2003, a severe flood hit the region. Use an s and no apostrophe to show spans of decades or centuries, but use an apostrophe at the start of the year when omitting the first two numerals: 1990s, 1900s, '68, '60s.

Years are the one exception to the rule against beginning a sentence with numerals: 1994 was one of his best years. See dates, numbers.

yesterday. See tomorrow, yesterday.

yield. Commonly misspelled.

you. By using the pronoun you, you convey directness and immediacy to your reader. Make sure you and the reader know who you is. Avoid using you if it sounds accusatory or insulting. See I, me; we. Also see Eight myths of writing.

your money's worth. Cliché. Consider using a good deal or a good value instead.

YouTube. One word; capitalize as shown.

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