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Request a homepage rotator

Request a homepage rotator

If you'd like to request an image and link for the homepage slideshow, email us the following information. We'll email you back when we've made a decision.

What to include

  1. Your name so we can contact you.
  2. A slide headline (a maximum of 39 characters)
  3. A URL that your slide will link to
  4. A publish date (Slides will remain published for two weeks)
  5. An image that:
    • is 767px by 598px (resize images online here:
    • is a maximum of 90kb
    • is a real photograph, not an illustration or graphic design
    • does not contain text overlays
  6. Include alternative text that describes the image (this is neccessary to meet accessibility standards)

Failure to meet all of these requirements will delay your request.

Email us your request

(If the link doesn't work, email and with the subject line "Rotator Request")