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Addons are a way to layout your page in more complicated ways without having to know HTML. Addons are rows of content. We have four addons available currently:

  • Single column row
  • Double column row
  • Three column row
  • Color boxes
  • Accordion row

The text that you are reading right now is in the "main content" area of your page. Everything underneath this section is an example of an addon. You can sort these addons in any order and you can turn each addon's visibility off an on at any time.

If you decide to put all your content in addons and no content in the first addon, you will need to check the box "merge up" for the first addon. If you don't, you will have a gap between your breadcrumb/page title and the page content.

Two column row, column 1

Fusce ligula risus, dignissim et pretium vel, cursus non est. Pellentesque in sagittis massa. Curabitur faucibus consequat faucibus. Etiam gravida quam sed turpis sollicitudin fringilla. Nam vitae metus sed justo luctus malesuada eget eu turpis.

Two column row, column 2

Curabitur quam diam, elementum bibendum justo non, sollicitudin viverra dolor. Nam non facilisis quam, ac hendrerit odio. Nulla egestas nisi et tellus aliquet, a euismod nunc facilisis. Maecenas rhoncus lobortis lectus non mattis.

Font Awesome icons

Single column addon

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In placerat facilisis risus, non fermentum turpis tincidunt id. Suspendisse blandit iaculis consequat. Fusce vulputate turpis eget sem vehicula imperdiet in sit amet quam. Donec facilisis nibh facilisis, mollis turpis at, ultrices tellus. Donec nisi libero, eleifend vitae hendrerit eu, aliquam sit amet risus. Donec bibendum urna eu dignissim viverra. Etiam consequat, lectus vitae tincidunt pellentesque, erat nisi ultricies magna, eu commodo urna quam nec sem. Sed condimentum posuere orci, vitae elementum ligula malesuada non.

Three column row, column 1

In sit amet congue dui, eu vestibulum urna. Vestibulum tincidunt quis mi in egestas. Vestibulum vel est id est bibendum venenatis

Three column row, column 2

Morbi consequat lacus quis odio aliquam hendrerit. Vivamus non ultrices erat. Etiam ultrices hendrerit arcu, eu convallis ipsum egestas a.

Three column row, column 3

Curabitur mollis dolor id lectus ultricies laoreet. Nullam sed lectus est. Nullam interdum iaculis magna, et venenatis neque viverra id

Accordion Row addon

This is content for the first accordion item
Content goes here.
Content goes here