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Status of Biodiversity in King County

Status of Biodiversity in King County

2008 Status of Biodiversity in King County Report - Washington State
This document forms part of a set of biodiversity reports produced by participant cities of the Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB) Project (external link). It represents a critical starting point: a status quo assessment of biodiversity and its management in King County. This report is the foundation not only of the long-term plans that King County will develop to enhance, protect, and develop its biodiversity, but it also helps to collectively form the basis for the development of a highly effective global urban biodiversity initiative.


The King County Biodiversity Report 2008 is available in Adobe® Acrobat® format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page. The document is available in parts to reduce download time and minimize computer problems during and after download. Please note that most files unless otherwise indicated are A4 (8.29 x 11.72"), but can be printed on letter size paper by choosing to "fit to printer margins" in Acrobat Reader.

Front matter (1,087 KB):

  • Front cover
  • Foreword
  • Table of Contents
  • Preface

Executive Summary (2,429 KB)

Chapter 1 - Ecology (8,303 KB):

End of Report - Biodiversity Management (1,903 KB):

  • Chapter 2 - Governance
    • 2.1 Biodiversity in County Management
    • 2.2 Biodiversity Projects
  • Chapter 3 - Integration
    • 3.1 Mainstreaming Biodiversity Management into County Governance
    • 3.2 Interaction with Other Agencies
    • 3.3 International Biodiversity Initiatives
  • Chapter 4 - Public Participation
    • 4.1 Public Participation and Access
    • 4.2 Biodiversity awareness-raising/education projects
  • Glossary
  • Primary Sources
  • Map Sources
  • Back Cover

Complete Report

The King County Biodiversity Report can also be viewed in its entirety here.