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3 million trees

3 Million Trees by 2025: Plant, Protect, Prepare

King County set an ambitious five-year goal in our 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan to plant, protect, and prepare a combined 3 million trees by the end of 2025. This effort contributes to climate change mitigation, forest health, improved salmon habitat, and more tree canopy in urban areas.

2025 Strategic Climate Action Plan (SCAP) targets

Graph: 2025 targets for King County's Strategic Climate Action Plan
Protect trees

Protect: We’re accelerating our efforts to protect forestland, conserving 6,500 acres (the equivalent of 2 million trees) that are already absorbing and storing CO2 and contributing to clean water and healthy habitat.

Plant trees

Plant: We’re planting 500,000 more trees countywide with an emphasis on tree canopy in communities where there is the greatest need and where tree planting can help improve salmon habitat.

Prepare for trees

Prepare: We’re preparing 1,000 acres of forest (the equivalent of 500,000 trees), to be more resilient under a changing climate with warmer, drier summers. These management actions include removing noxious weeds and thinning forests in some areas to create more room for healthier trees to thrive.

Shovels We've surpassed 1 million trees so far!

As of January 2023, we have planted, protected, and prepared an equivalent of more than 1 million trees. This includes:

  • Planting more than 200,000 trees
  • Protecting the equivalent of 615,000 trees (more than 2,000 acres of forests and natural areas)
  • Preparing and restoring the equivalent of 200,00 trees (more than 650 acres of forested areas)

Welcome to 3 Million Trees!

Outdoor volunteer planting event

A more comprehensive approach to promote healthy, resilient forests – and communities!

We are building on the momentum of our successful 1 Million Trees partnership with a more comprehensive approach that promotes healthy and ecologically productive forests.

Efforts to achieve 3 Million Trees will help us deliver many important benefits, including:

  • Increased carbon storage to help slow climate change;
  • Better human health benefits;
  • Higher quality salmon habitat;
  • Improved water quality;
  • Equitable access to forests and green space, especially in historically underinvested areas.
Earth icon
Storing carbon and providing climate benefits.
Rain, trees and ground icon
Reducing stormwater runoff.
Enhancing salmon and other wildlife habitat.
Lumber icon
Providing wood and non-timber products.
Hosting recreational opportunities.
Tree and shade icon
Offering a shady respite that cools steams & sidewalks.
Air and water
Improving water and air quality, which have environmental and human health benefits.
Fern icon
Providing cultural resources and supporting cultural heritage and historic values.
Mountain and trees icon
Supplying scenic beauty.

An integrated approach to confront climate change and promote clean water and healthy habitat

King County is implementing several integrated plans and initiatives that address forest protection and forest health. Click the links below to learn more:

King County map of urban green space, farmlands, forests, natural lands, trails and rivers
  • Strategic Climate Action Plan: A five-year blueprint for County action to confront climate change, integrating climate change into all areas of County operations and its work in the community. This ambitious plan contains many goals and initiatives to protect and improve forest health.
  • 30-Year Forest Plan: A shared vision for all of King County that will help guide our work on forest cover and forest health in both rural and urban areas of the county.
  • Land Conservation Initiative: A regional collaboration between King County, cities, businesses, farmers, environmental partners and others to preserve our last, most important natural lands and urban green spaces in 30 years.
  • Clean Water Healthy Habitat: A strategic approach to ensuring that the County is investing in the right places to improve water quality and expand habitats, improving the lives of people, fish, and wildlife in our region. Clean Water Healthy Habitat logo

If you would like to volunteer with the 3 Million Trees initiative, email