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Miller and Walker Creeks Stewardship

Miller and Walker Creeks Stewardship

We all can be good stewards of Miller and Walker Creeks! Whether you live right next to the streams or a mile away, your actions can help improve water quality and reduce stormwater in the creeks and beyond.  Remember --

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 Stewardship Resources for Watershed Residents 

Why Good Stewardship Matters
Whether you live near or far from Miller and Walker Creeks, good stewardship of our land and water carries multiple benefits:

  • Healthier home and yard for children and pets
  • Cleaner water in our streams and at Puget Sound beaches
  • Less flooding and erosion
  • Healthy urban forests and green spaces

Basin Steward Available to Help

Iris Kemp is the basin steward.  The basin steward can help you:
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  • Volunteer to help plant trees and control invasive weeds
  • Improve your streamside property with natural yard care and use of native plants
  • Arrange a presentation for your school, community group, or faith community
  • Report fish sightings or non-emergency problems with the creeks

For more information, check out the Miller Walker Basin Stewardship Program Brochure!

Stewardship of the Miller/Walker Creeks basin is jointly funded by the City of Burien, City of Normandy Park, City of SeaTac, King County, and the Port of Seattle. On behalf of the partners, this page is proudly hosted by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks - Water and Land Resources Division.

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News and announcements

August 15, 2023

The 2023 Community Salmon Investigation survey season begins in October! Click here to sign up and attend the training workshop on September 28, 5:30-7:30pm at Normandy Park City Hall. 


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