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Water quality assessment data

Water quality assessment data

Data collected for the Water Quality Assessment project was used in determining the impacts that combined sewer overflows have on human and aquatic life in the Duwamish River and Elliott Bay. Data were collected from the water column, combined sewer overflow discharges, sediments, certain animal tissues, and semi-permeable membrane devices (SPMD). Data were analyzed for concentrations of select heavy metal and organic pollutants, concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria, and conventional parameters (temperature, salinity, total suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, and pH). Unless stated otherwise in the individual files, all water column metals are reported in mg/L (milligrams per liter), all water column organics are reported in ug/L (micrograms per liter), sediment metals are reported in mg/kg (milligrams per kilogram) wet weight, and sediment organics are reported in ug/kg (micrograms per kilogram) wet weight. Following are the available data files.

Sample Type Parameters analyzed File Name File Size File Type
CSO sample location map map csoloc1.jpg 34K image
CSO organics cso_org.xls 39K excel 4.0
CSO metals, dissolved csometd.xls 28K excel 4.0
CSO metals, total csomett.xls 40K excel 4.0
CSO fecals, TSS, TOC cso_fec.xls 13K excel 4.0
Water sample location map map wtrloc.jpg 57K image
Water column conventionals duwconv.xls 1136K excel 5.0
Water column conventionals technical memo qarevcon.doc 33K word 6.0
Water column metals, total and dissolved wtrmet.xls 890K excel 4.0
Water column metals technical memo metalsqc.doc 17K word 6.0
Water column metals qaqc review metqar1.doc 51K word 6.0
Water column organics wtr_org.xls 179K excel 4.0
Water column organics technical memo qarevorg.doc 42K word 6.0
Water column SPMD organics kpoly.xls 24K excel 4.0
Water column SPMD organics, pesticides kpoly2.xls 21K excel 4.0
Water column SPMD PCBs kpoly3.xls 28K excel 4.0
Water column SPMD SPMD QA/QC review spmdqar.doc 14K word 6.0
Water column low-level mercury lowlevhg.xls 22K excel 4.0
Water column low-level mercury QA/QC review qarevhg.doc 16K word 6.0
Sediment sample location map map sedloc.jpg 41K image
Sediment metals, total and dissolved sedmet.xls 39K excel 4.0
Sediment organics sed_org.xls 51K excel 4.0
Sediment technical memo qa1wqa.doc 110 word 6.0
Sediment technical memo qa1wqa2.doc 182K word 6.0
Organism sample location map map orgloc.jpg size image
Mussel tissue, wet season metals and organics muswet.xls 270K excel 5.0
Mussel tissue, wet season technical memo musiimem.doc 16K word 6.0
Mussel tissue, wet season qaqc review mussiiqa.doc 70K word 6.0
Mussel tissue, dry season metals musdmet.xls 91K excel 5.0
Mussel tissue, dry season organics musdorg.xls 259K excel 5.0
Mussel tissue, dry season technical memo mussmem.doc 12K word 6.0
Mussel tissue, dry season qaqc review musselqa.doc 86K word 6.0
Miscellaneous tissue technical memo mististm.doc 13K word 6.0
Miscellaneous tissue qaqc review mistisqa.doc 44K word 6.0
Sole, Large fish metals and organics dry weight soledry.xls 86K excel 5.0
Sole, Large fish metals and organics wet weight solewet.xls 87K excel 5.0
Rockfish, Large fish organics rockorg.xls 63K excel 5.0
Large fish tissue technical memo lgfshmem.doc 13K word 6.0
Large fish tissue qaqc review lgfishqa.doc 61K word 6.0
Smelt, Small fish metals and organics smfish.xls 86K excel 5.0
Small fish tissue technical memo smfshmem.doc 14K word 6.0
Small fish tissue qaqc review smfishqa.doc 38K word 6.0
Squid metals and organics squid.xls 70K excel 5.0
Squid tissue technical memo squidtm.doc 13K word 6.0
Squid tissue qaqc review squidqa.doc 47K word 6.0
Prawn, crab and mussel tissue metals and organics shelfish.xls 82K excel 5.0
Crab tissue metals and organics crabtiss.xls 157K excel 5.0
Crab tissue technical memo crabmem.doc 16K word 6.0
Crab tissue qaqc review crabqa.doc 59K word 6.0
Invertebrate tissue metals and organics inverts.xls 57K excel 5.0
Invertebrates tissue technical memo invrtmem.doc 15K word 6.0
Invertebrates tissue qaqc review invrtbqa.doc 42K word 6.0

For questions about the CSO program, the previous data, or accessing data on this web page, please contact the following people:

Scott Mickelson - qaqc reports, data
Randy Shuman - data
Sydney Munger - CSO program