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Bear Creek 1995 Basin Plan

Bear Creek 1995 Basin Plan

Bear Creek Basin Plan coverThe Bear Creek Basin Plan was adopted by the King County Council in 1995.  The plan assessed the condition of the 51 square mile Bear Creek drainage basin located northeast of Redmond, and predicted future changes based on development patterns.  The plan recommended ways to protect valuable stream, wetland and fishery habitat and reduce flooding, erosion and sedimentation.

The Bear Creek Basin is the most productive spawning salmonid basin for its size in the Puget Sound area, with over 30,000 fish returning annually.  The basin contains many acres of diverse wetlands and a unique and abundant freshwater mussel population indicating very good water quality.  The basin also has severely erodible hillsides that threaten both stream resources and public safety.


The Bear Creek Basin Plan is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Download here:

For additional information about the Bear Creek Basin Plan, please contact Tom Beavers, Issaquah-Bear Creek Basin Steward.