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Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report

Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report

Cover - Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report

The Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report provides a comprehensive inventory of the Boise Creek Basin's surface water needs and is based on reconnaissance performed by consultants working with King County government. The report lists priority drainage, habitat, and water quality projects, acquisitions, studies, and programs to be funded over time by surface water management fees dedicated to King County's capital budget. The document will help guide the surface water-related work King County performs for basin residents.

King County's surface water management program identifies, prevents and manages the impacts of development on water runoff like flooding, erosion, pollution, and low stream flows. King County is required to provide surface water management services by state and federal law and pays for these vital services with a fee assessed on property owners in unincorporated King County.

The Boise Creek Rapid Rural Reconnaissance Report is available in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page. The document is available in parts to reduce download time and minimize computer problems during and after download.

Cover (36 kb), Acknowledgements (11 kb), Acronyms (12 kb), Table of Contents (25 kb)

Summary (27 kb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (1.5 mb)

Chapter 2 - Basin Characteristics (4.1 mb)

Chapter 3 - Hydrology (57 kb)

Chapter 4 - Geomorphology (1.2 mb)

Chapter 5 - Water Quality (837 kb)

Chapter 6 - Stream Habitat

Chapter 7 - Drainage and Erosion Problem Analysis (3.3 mb)

Chapter 8 - Basin Summary and Vulnerability Analysis (19 kb)

Chapter 9 - Recommended Actions (1.4 mb)

References (16 kb)

For information about the Boise Creek Basin, please contact Tom Beavers, White River Basin Steward.