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About King County zoning

About King County zoning

General information about zoning codes for unincorporated King County

Each city in King County has jurisdiction over their own zoning, land use and permits while King County manages zoning, land use and permits for unincorporated areas in the county.

For help with permitting in unincorporated King County consult the Permitting Division of the Department of Local Services.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page is being made available as a convenience to our users, and is NOT to be considered an official citation to the King County Code. While we make every effort at accuracy, errors can and do occur, and information is subject to change without notice. Please check official publications to ensure accuracy of citations.

Official zoning information is in the King County code 24_30_Title_21A

Development Conditions:

Base zoning codes may be modified by one of more of the following development codes:
P: Parcel-specific condition
SO: Special district Overlay
DPA: Demonstration Project Area

Base Codes:

"DU" stands for "Dwelling Unit"
A-10 Agricultural, one DU per 10 acres
A-35 Agricultural, one DU per 35 acres
F Forest
M Mineral
RA-2.5 Rural Area, one DU per 5 acres (not a typo)
RA-5 Rural Area, one DU per 5 acres
RA-10 Rural Area, one DU per 10 acres
UR Urban Reserve, one DU per 5 acres
R-1 Residential, one DU per acre
R-4 Residential, four DU per acre
R-6 Residential, six DU per acre
R-8 Residential, eight DU per acre
R-12 Residential, 12 DU per acre
R-18 Residential, 18 DU per acre
R-24 Residential, 24 DU per acre
R-48 Residential, 48 DU per acre
NB Neighborhood Business
CB Community Business
RB Regional Business
O Office
I Industrial