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zero, zeros. Don't include unnecessary zeros in times and dollar amounts: 10 a.m., $35; not 10:00 a.m., $35.00. Including double zeroes is acceptable, however, when aligning multiple times or dollar amounts in charts and tables. See cents, time.

ZIP code. Use all caps for the abbreviation for Zone Improvement Program, but always lowercase the word code. Abbreviation acceptable in all uses. .

Use ZIP codes and ZIP code abbreviations for states only in mailing addresses. Do not use ZIP codes in street addresses to show the location of a building, facility, meeting or event. See state names for standard abbreviations in other uses.

Except for mailing addresses in business correspondence, put only one space between the state abbreviation and ZIP code; use two spaces in business correspondence. Do not put a comma between the state name and the ZIP code. Following post office guidelines, don't include the ZIP+4 digits in return addresses printed on envelopes, postcards and publications. See addresses, correspondence.

Below are the ZIP code abbreviations for state names in mailing addresses.

Alabama--AL Indiana--IN Nebraska--NE Rhode Island--RI
Alaska--AK Iowa--IA Nevada--NV South Carolina--SC
Arizona--AZ Kansas--KS North Carolina--NC South Dakota--SD
Arkansas--AR Kentucky--KY North Dakota--ND Tennessee--TN
California--CA Louisiana--LA New Hampshire--NH Texas--TX
Colorado--CO Maine--ME New Jersey--NJ Utah--UT
Connecticut--CT Maryland--MD New Mexico--NM Vermont--VT
Delaware--DE Massachusetts--MA New York--NY Virginia--VA
Florida--FL Michigan--MI Ohio--OH Washington--WA
Georgia--GA Minnesota--MN Oklahoma--OK Wisconsin--WI
Hawaii--HI Mississippi--MS Oregon--OR West Virginia--WV
Idaho--ID Missouri--MO Pennsylvania--PA Wyoming--WY
Illinois--IL Montana--MT    

zone. See bus stop, bus zone.

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