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For more information about plain language, concise writing and global English, check out the resources listed below or contact the style guide staff.

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Plain-language initiative of Washington state government

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Plain-language programs of U.S. government agencies

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Plain Language Online Training--free interactive program developed by the National Institute of Health in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (use the Browse button for non-NIH employees)

Plain Language: A Handbook for Writers in the U.S. Federal Government , Richard Lauchman (PDF, 287KB)

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Other government websites & resources

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Other organizations

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  • Plain Language Association InterNational--a volunteer group of plain-language advocates and professionals in public, nonprofit and private organizations. PLAIN's website provides free articles, tutorials and Web links about writing, government programs, legal resources, literacy, and other related topics.
  • Center for Plain Language--a U.S.-based nonprofit membership organization of people in government, academia and business who are dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of plain language in the public and private sectors.
  • Clarity--an international association promoting plain legal language.
  • Plain Language Commission--a private organization in the United Kingdom that offers free articles on writing, readability, jargon, standards of English, legal English and grammar.

Other useful references on plain language; clear, concise writing; global English

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Also see Online and print resources, King County Editorial Style Manual.

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