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Public Health – Seattle & King County is excited to share our Blueprint for Addressing Climate Change and Health. We believe climate change is more than an environmental shift – it is a serious health threat facing people and communities.

Our Blueprint for Addressing Climate Change and Health describes the impacts of climate change on people in our region. Our hope is that this document is more than a summary of findings, but a tool for putting people at the center of the climate change conversation.

What’s the connection between human health and climate change? In this report you will learn more about how:

  • Climate change impacts the quality of human health and life. For instance, as temperatures rise, hot air around cities can trap pollen, causing the allergy season to start earlier and last longer. (Learn more about longer allergy seasons on page 11)
  • Natural systems are connected. For instance, wildfire smoke from other states and countries can wreak havoc on our local air quality, exacerbating health issues. (Learn more about how we will need to develop and expand surveillance systems to track the effects of poor air quality on page 19)
  • People of color and people who are poor will be hit hardest by the negative effects of climate change. For instance, extreme weather events will create additional financial and health threats. (Learn more about the disproportionate impacts of climate change on page 9)
  • Public Health’s role is critical in preventing climate change and mitigating its effects. (Learn more about the public health approach to addressing climate change on page 14)

Download the Blueprint for Addressing Climate Change and Health

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