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Once an I/I problem has been identified, there are many methods and technologies available to reduce I/I.

Pipe repair

Broken pipes, manholes, and joint connections can be repaired in a variety of ways. Trenchless repair methods require less digging than traditional “dig and replace” repair methods and minimize damage to yards and landscaping.

Pipe bursting is a technique that pulls a hardened steel breaker head through the old pipe, breaking it up, and replacing it with a new pipe all in one process.

pipe burstingPipe bursting breaks and replaces side sewer lines.

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) repair involves pulling a resin-saturated liner through a damaged pipe, which is then cured with steam or hot water to form a tight-fitting, jointless replacement pipe.

Stormwater disconnections

Stormwater connections such as roof drain downspouts, yard drains, and sump pumps can be disconnected from the sewer system.

disconnect a downspoutDisconnecting a downspout consists of cutting the downspout, capping the drainage line, and redirecting the flow.

Property owners can redirect the downspouts onto lawn and garden beds, hook up a rain barrel or cistern to their downspouts, or redirect the connections to a separate stormwater system.

disconnect a downspoutDownspouts can be connected to cisterns or rain barrels.

Contact your local sewer service provider for specific information about the sewer system in your neighborhood.

Nicole Smith
Capital Project Manager