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Hydrogen sulfide is of two types: (1) atmospheric; and (2) soluble (dissolved in water).

Atmospheric Sulfide

The following are atmospheric hydrogen sulfide limits as measured at a monitoring location designated by King County:

  • 15.0 parts per million volume (ppmv) as a 15-minute average
  • 10.0 ppmv as an 8-hour average
  • 3.0 ppmv as a 7-day average.

Soluble Sulfide

King County may restrict discharges of soluble sulfide on a case-by-case basis. For guidance, King County has a screening limit of 0.1 mg/liter.

About hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide gas can be dangerous to breathe and presents serious odor problems (the smell of rotten eggs). It also reacts with water to form sulfuric acid, which corrodes sewer lines.

sewer pipe destroyed by corrosionSewer pipes may be destroyed by corrosion caused by sulfuric acid.

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