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Cover - Taylor Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan
The Taylor Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan provides guidance for the stewardship of the Taylor Mountain Forest.

The Taylor Mountain Forest sits on the southwest flank of Taylor Mountain, near the community of Hobart in eastern King County. The 1822-acre site provides a critical link between the City of Seattle's Cedar River Watershed and Tiger Mountain State Forest. King County acquired the Taylor Mountain Forest property in 1997 to be a working forest managed to conserve, protect and restore the resources of the area. In addition, the site provides opportunities for passive recreation.

The Taylor Mountain Forest management goals are:

  • Protect, enhance and restore ecological systems
  • Restore the health and diversity of the forest
  • Demonstrate environmentally sound forest management through sustainable timber production
  • Maintain forest roads to state requirements
  • Provide passive recreational opportunities for the public
  • Enhance opportunities for environmental education

The Taylor Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan is available in Adobe Acrobat version 5 format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page. The document is available in parts to reduce download time and minimize computer problems during and after download.

Download Here:

Taylor Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan - (410 Kb, not including figures and appendices below)