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Maury Island Ecological Economic Evaluation - CoverThe Ecological Economic Evaluation seeks to inventory Maury Island's ecological assets and estimate their economic value for use in decision-making, fostering sustainable business practices, and planning how the island's land is used. The Ecological Economic Evaluation for Maury Island, Washington, was published in June, 2004.

Ecological economics explicitly addresses the relationships between natural ecosystems and human economic systems by accounting for the natural environment as a form of natural capital and valuing the ecosystem goods and services delivered by ecological systems. From an ecological economics perspective, the goods and services provided by Maury Island landscapes are not only critical to the functioning of the Puget Sound ecological systems, but they also contribute significantly to the human welfare of Maury Island residents, King County's citizens, and others, both directly and indirectly as forms of natural capital. Ecological systems potentially represent a significant, yet currently non-quantified or unaccounted portion of the total economic value of King County's assets.

A project team consisting of representatives from Herrera Environmental Consultants, Northern Economics, Inc., and Spatial Informatics Group, LLC, worked with staff from King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Water and Land Resources Division, to estimate the total economic value of ecosystem goods and services on and around Maury Island. The project area included all of Maury Island and extended to the nearshore environment surrounding the island. The project team also estimated the potential loss to the economic value of ecosystem goods and services from development on Maury Island.

The Ecological Economic Evaluation for Maury Island, Washington is available in Adobe Acrobat format. For help using Acrobat files, please visit our Acrobat help page. The report is offered in multiple sections for faster download speeds and to minimize computer problems.

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Ecological Economic Evaluation for Maury Island, Washington (401.5 Kb)