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Videos: Vashon Habitat Stewardship Whirlwind event

Videos: Vashon Habitat Stewardship Whirlwind event

January 10, 2013
McMurray Middle School

This community update was organized to help bring the Vashon Island community up to date on the numerous conservation and restoration projects on Vashon and Maury Islands.

The following videos include many of the presentations with some additional footage and content. Some presentations were edited for viewer clarity or due to technical issues.

*, = external link

Current watershed health

  1. Sustainability Indicators -Vashon Report Card 
    Groundwater Protection Committee - Susie Kalhorn more info
  2. Quartermaster Harbor Nitrogen Study update 
    King County – Curtis DeGasperi more info
  3. Stream health / BIBI / salmon watching 
    Vashon Nature Center - Bianca Perla  more info*

Habitat restoration

  1. What and why restoration? 
    King County - Greg Rabourn
  2. Dockton Natural Area 
    Greg Rabourn more info
  3. Cove Creek 
    Greg Rabourn
  4. Raab’s Lagoon Natural Area 
    Greg Rabourn
  5. Maury Island Natural Area (Pit) Neill Point, Piner Point, Pt. Robinson 
    King County - Greg Rabourn
  6. Judd Creek restoration 
    Vashon Maury Land Trust - Tom Dean contact info*

Habitat preservation and acquisition

  1. Land Trust Acquisition updates and future 
    Tom Dean contact info*
  2. Point Heyer Drift Cell Habitat Preservation 
    King County - Greg Rabourn
  3. Quartermaster Harbor Pollution Identification and Correction 
    Greg Rabourn
  4. Maury Island Marine Park and Puget Sound Corps (no video)
    more info* and blog*

Video filmed and produced by Meadowlake Productions*.

King County Vashon Basin Steward and Vashon Groundwater Protection Committee - Greg Rabourn

Quartermaster Harbor Nitrogen Study Update – Curtis DeGasperi

Steam health / BIBI / salmon watching - Vashon Nature Center – Bianca Perla, 206-463-9443

Puget Sound Corps – Washington Department of Natural Resources – Bryan Massey (2013) – 360-902-1430

Vashon -Maury Island Land Trust, Tom Dean (2013), 206-463-2644

For more information about the Vashon Habitat Restoration Whirlwind event, please contact Greg Rabourn, Vashon-Maury Island Steward.