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We know that in order to provide great service to the public, King County needs to be a great place to work. The annual employee survey is an important tool to help us get there. The employee survey provides an opportunity to check-in with all employees to learn what is going well and where we need to improve. That is why your participation is critical – we need each employee to provide their point of view so that we can really understand what employees want and need to be fully engaged in their work.

We conduct the all-employee survey annually which allows us to measure our progress in making change within the organization. By participating, you will help us measure our progress from last year and determine areas still needing improvement.


​Changes from 2019


Employees who participated in previous surveys have helped make King County a better place to work, and a more effective service provider for residents. This year we've made some changes to make the survey work better for everyone:

  • Everyone will take the survey electronically
  • Data will be available four weeks sooner
  • There will be more time for action planning
  • Demographic questions will be more specific

Take a look at previous employee survey results and learn how it makes a difference.

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Employees only

Since 2015, the Employee Survey has made a noticeable difference:

What we did:

  • Expanded the Bridge Fellowship, launched the Mentoring Program, and created Professional Development Scholarships.
  • Engagement Action Planning has focused on: Growth and Development, Respect, and Peer culture. 
  • Increased diversity of top tier hires/promotions by 18%, and implemented widespread ESJ training.
  • Created a well-being index and mental health strategy.

The difference it made:

  • Perceptions of career advancement +14 from 48% to 62%
  • Peer culture +14, from 66% to 80%
  • Feeling respected +9,from 70% to 79%
  • Have the skills to apply ESJ +5, from 72 to 77
  • Have the support to apply ESJ +4, from 65 to 69
  • We hope to see differences in 2020 data

Measurable Impact on Engagement:

  • Response rate has increased +11 from 59% to 70%
  • Engagement index has increased +8, from 70% to 78%
  • Belief in action has increased +9, from 37% to 46% (was 48% in 2017)

Action Planning

Response to the survey is happening at every level of the organization with action plans developed by teams at the department, division, workgroup and senior leader levels. Get started on creating an action plan, and track the progress made.

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