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How to help through the EGP

When emergencies strike, King County employees want to help. Because of our relationship with hundreds of nonprofits doing work all over the world, we are in a unique position to respond quickly with a list of known and verified organizations that are participating in the EGP. We also know that our list is not exhaustive. We encourage employees to research all options and organizations because every action helps.  

Ukraine Crisis

On February 24, 2022 Russia ordered a military invasion of Ukraine and the conflict continues to escalate with each day. More than one million refugees have already fled the violence in Ukraine. They will immediately need medical aid, emergency shelter, and water and food security. Additionally, all communities affected by the violence will need long-term humanitarian aid and support. 

The Executive has authorized a 21-day emergency response campaign for up to three EGP nonprofit organizations, for emergency relief in accordance with K.C.C. 3.12.222 and 3.36.

Dates: March 8, 2022 - March 28, 2022

Forms must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. March 28, 2022

Employees may give in three ways during this special response:

1. Donation of accumulated vacation and/or compensatory time. Download form here (.pdf).
2. One-time payroll donation.  Download form here (.pdf). 
3. Credit card or e-check. On the storefront here.

Three nonprofits eligible for time or payroll donations

  1. Global Impact - Ukraine Response Fund #3500
    • The Ukraine Response Fund supports multiple nonprofit partners through one donation. Including organizations such as CARE, International Medical Corps and UNICEF USA for their critical work to:
      • Position medical staff and supplies for lifesaving care.
      • Protect refugees, many of whom are women and children.
      • Supply healthy food, clean water and reliable power.
      • Provide mental and emotional support.
      • Reunite separated families.
      • Position medical staff and supplies for lifesaving care.
      • Protect refugees, many of whom are women and children.
      • Supply healthy food, clean water and reliable power.
      • Provide mental and emotional support.
      • Reunite separated families.
  2. Médecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders #4172
    • Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is working to set up emergency response activities in the country and dispatching teams to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Teams are also ready to respond in Russia and Belarus.
  3. Ukrainian Community Center of Washington #9385
    • Advocacy to support Ukraine and provide direct assistance to those Ukrainians who are already in Washington, including a large increase to help file immigration petitions and providing mental health support. 

    Read FAQs here


General Information 

January – September (outside of the Annual Giving Drive)

  • Year-round employees may give by credit card or e-check on the storefront here
  • Upon authorization by the King County Executive, employees give through a one-time payroll donation and/or time donation during a specified timeframe. 

October - November (The Annual Giving Drive)

To designate a gift in support of a Natural Disaster relief effort, simply choose a charity that is responding and write/enter the KCEGP code. In the designation section of the form – choose "In Honor Of" and type in the name of the disaster.


During the Annual Giving Drive: Give through PeopleSoft 

Since PeopleSoft will only allow you to process one online transaction, we suggest you submit your disaster giving donation at the same time as your Annual Giving pledge. If you wish to provide other donations or pledges, simply download and submit the pledge paper form and email it to

Please note: You may only enter a charity one time in either payroll or time. If you would like to support more than one disaster event through the same charity, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Designate the charity.
  2. Name each disaster event in the same dedication line; for example: Hurricane Harvey and Mexico Earthquake.
  3. Since this is a part of the Annual Giving Drive, the total for time donations for all modes of giving is three organizations and 40 hours, unless you are in a use-it-or-lose-it situation, then you may give more.

Tracking List of EGP Approved Charities

Read our full blog post on how you can help Afghan Refugees here

India's second wave of the COVID pandemic devastated communities and hospitals across the region. Then northern regions with hit extreme rains that caused deadly flooding. 


People around the country are facing extreme challenges due to winter weather. As of Feb. 18, 34 deaths were linked to severe weather across seven states. Residents in Texas are facing severe cold, long-lasting power outages, water issues and food insecurity. Things are bad in Oklahoma, after a record-setting stretch of sub-zero temperatures. A winter storm continues to pummel the South. Winter weather also has disrupted vaccine distribution across the U.S.  Read more here.

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