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For nonprofits

For nonprofits

Welcome to King County's Employee Giving Program!

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2024 Application Cycle April 9 - April 30

The KCEGP is the workplace giving program for more than 15k King County employees. Being in the program allows employees to support your organization through a variety of donation methods, especially during our Annual Giving Drive, and utilize their volunteer time off benefit at your organization.



  • Payroll Donations are 3-6 times larger than individual one-time gifts
  • Donated Vacation Time
  • Average total gift per employee is $820.00 and 80% of the nonprofits in the program receive donations
  • Identify volunteers and promoters for your organization


  • More than 15,000 King County Employees and by extension their families
  • Work site opportunities to create meaningful relationships and share your story
  • Be listed on our website, in print materials, and more



  • Workplace giving is one of the most efficient, cost-effective, and lowest-risk forms of fundraising. A perfect addition to your fundraising toolkit.
  • A steady stream of income through the year
  • Donor-centric giving platform allows employees to give all in one place to many organizations

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