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    (a) Court Records Are Generally Public. Documents filed with the court will in most cases be available for public inspection and copying and for all cases filed beginning 1/1/2000 are maintained in electronic format. Only a document or court file type that is specifically sealed by law, court rule, or court order will be unavailable for public inspection and copying.
    (b) Some Documents Subject to Restricted Access. The following documents, if properly identified by the person filing the documents, will be sealed by the Clerk without a court order: income tax returns and schedules, W-2 forms, wage stubs, credit card statements, financial institution statements, and check registers. See also GR 22. These records should only be filed by first attaching the “Sealed Financial Source Documents” cover sheet (Mandatory Form No. WPF DRPSCU-09.0220) and writing the word “SEALED” on the first page of each attachment. Only those documents allowed by GR 22 may be filed under the “Sealed Financial Source Documents” cover sheet without first obtaining a court order to seal the document.
    (c) Identifying Information to be removed. Except for documents that are automatically sealed or where the following information is essential to a determination, parties shall black out social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, telephone numbers, children’s dates of birth, and all but the last four digits in account numbers, in documents filed with the court.
    (d) Requirements for Orders Sealing Records.
        (1) Motion and Declaration required. The proposed order, even if agreed, must be accompanied by a motion and declaration or affidavit demonstrating a basis for the order consistent with GR 15(d) and Article I, Sec. 10, Washington State Constitution. See also GR 22.  See LFLR 5(c) with respect to where to present a motion to seal a file.
        (2) Form of Order to be used. An order to redact or seal a court record must be made separately and may not be combined with any other order. The order shall either state that the Clerk’s Office is directed to seal the entire court record or shall designate the specific documents to be sealed.  

Comment:  See LCR 79(d) for procedures relevant to redacting and sealing.

[Adopted effective September 1, 2004; amended effective September 1, 2007; September 1, 2018.]