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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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Please observe the following protocols when scheduling civil motions.

Where to present your motion or agreed order:

Motions heard by assigned Judge without oral argument (KCLR 7):

  • Most non-dispositive motions and motions for default are heard without oral argument.
  • Motions without oral arguments may be set for any day pursuant to the rule and service requirements, and will be considered on or shortly after the date noted.
  • Do not contact the court to check the status of the ruling until one week past the date noted for the motion.
  • Follow the procedures set forth in KCLR 7 if requesting oral argument.
  • If the judge decides to hear oral argument, the bailiff will contact the parties to schedule a hearing.
  • If the judge does not grant the request for oral argument, the motion will be considered as noted.
  • Stipulated or agreed motions do not need to be noted for hearing.

Motions heard by assigned Judge with oral Argument (KCLR 7):

  • Contact the bailiff to schedule motions/hearings requiring oral argument. Please include the following information: case name, cause number, type of hearing, name of moving party, proposed dates, and names and phone numbers for all counsel.
  • Please check with all counsel when scheduling hearings.
  • Please note that time available for judicial hearings is limited, and judges’ calendars often fill up several weeks in advance. Hearing dates should be obtained from the bailiff as far in advance as possible.

Striking a motion set before the assigned judge:

  • Please notify the bailiff to strike a motion set before the assigned judge. Always provide the case name and cause number and the date for which the motion is noted.


The King County Courthouse (Seattle) 3rd Avenue entrance is closed due to construction. It will remain closed through July 26. Please use the 4th Avenue entrance on the west side of 4th Avenue. Visitors can also use the King County Administration Building to enter the courthouse. Enter the Admin Building on 4th Avenue or 5th Avenue and take the elevator to "T" Tunnel.