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2024 Judicial Assignments

Superior Court judicial assignments effective January 16, 2024

King County Courthouse, Seattle


Judge Susan Amini

Department 20. Courtroom number W-864. Contact Bailiff Christine Robinson at 206-477-2548.

Judge Marshall Ferguson

Department 31. Courtroom number E-713. Contact Bailiff Kiese Wilburn at 206-477-1513.

Judge Jason Holloway

Department 44. Courtroom number E-209. Contact Bailiff Renee Janes at 206-477-1591.

Judge David Keenan - Assistant Chief Judge, Criminal

Department 26. Courtroom number W-1060. Contact Bailiff Beatrice Marquez at 206-477-1483.

Judge Nelson K.H. Lee

Department 19. Courtroom number W-842. Contact Bailiff Manny La Guardia at 206-477-1441.

Judge Hillary Madsen

Department 13. Courtroom number W-739. Contact Bailiff Erin O'Connor at 206-477-1405.

Judge Brian McDonald

Department 48. Courtroom number E-762. Contact Bailiff Greg Howard at 206-477-1617.

Judge Suzanne R. Parisien

Department 42. Courtroom number W-355. Contact Bailiff Julie Salle at 206-477-1579. 

Judge Cindi Port

Department 51. Courtroom number E-863. Contact Bailiff Tikecha Pearson at 206-477-1623.

Judge Andrea Robertson

Department 47. Courtroom E-815. Contact Bailiff Stevie Craig at 206-477-1611.

Judge Ketu Shah - Presiding Judge

Department 50. Courtroom number E-942. Contact Bailiff Rebecca Hibbs at 206-477-1635.

Judge Nicholas Straley

Department 4. Courtroom W-928. Contact Bailiff: Lisa Tran at 206 477-1348.

Judge Tanya L. Thorp

Department 27. Courtroom number W-941. Contact Judge Thorp's bailiff at 206-477-1489.

Judge Melinda Young - Chief Judge, Criminal

Department 6. Courtroom number E-1201. Contact Bailiff Jennifer McBeth at 206-477-1361.

Drug Court

Judge John McHale

Department 43. Courtroom number E-912. Contact Bailiff Lisa Zimnisky at 206-477-1585. 


Judge Andrea Darvas

Department 23. Courtroom number W-728. Contact Bailiff Jacqueline Ware at 206-477-1465.

Judge Angela Kaake

Department 34. Courtroom number E-847. Contact Bailiff Manuel Dismuke at 206-477-1531.

Judge Annette Messitt

Department 36. Courtroom number W-829. Contact Bailiff Linda Nguyen at 206-477-1543.

Judge Sean P. O'Donnell

Department 29. Courtroom number W-817. Contact Bailiff Ann Brockenbrough at 206-477-1501. 

Judge Jim Rogers

Department 45. Courtroom number E-733. Contact Bailiff Monica Gillum at 206-477-1597. 

Judge Michael K. Ryan

Department 37. Courtroom number E-835. Contact Bailiff Marci Parducci at 206-477-4936.

Judge Michael Scott - Chief Civil Judge

Department 9. Courtroom number W-905. Contact Bailiff Chad Berlin at 206-477-1379. 

Judge David Whedbee

Department 1. Courtroom number E-201. Contact Bailiff Gabby Jacobsen at 206-477-1669.

Judge Sandra Widlan

Department 53. Courtroom number W-711. Contact Bailiff Kathryn Evans at 206-477-1647 or

Judge Wyman Yip

Department 35. Courtroom number W-965. Contact Bailiff Samuel Luikens at 206-477-1537.

Unified Family Court

Judge Patrick Oishi

Department 24. Courtroom number E-746. Contact Bailiff Phillip Hennings at 206-477-1471.

Judge Ken Schubert

Department 40. Courtroom number W-813. Contact Bailiff Kellie Griffin at 206-477-1567. 

Judge Aimée Sutton - Chief Judge, UFC

Department 49. Courtroom number W-331. Contact Bailiff Salina Kis at 206-477-1629.

Maleng Regional Justice Center (MRJC), Kent

General Trials

Judge LeRoy McCullough

Department 32. Courtroom number 4A. Contact Bailiff Nhu Dinh at 206-477-1519.

Judge Kristin Ballinger

Department 2. Courtroom number 3G. Contact Bailiff Cassie Fontenot at 206-477-1336.

Judge Johanna Bender - Chief Judge, MRJC

Department 28. Courtroom number GA. Contact Bailiff Chase Craig at 206-477-1495. 

Judge Elizabeth J. Berns

Department 25. Courtroom number 3J. Contact Bailiff Kelli Northrop at 206-477-1477 or

Judge Paul M. Crisalli

Department 41. Courtroom number 3A. Contact Bailiff Morgan Mills at 206 477-1573.

Judge William L. Dixon V

Department 46. Courtroom MRJC 4B. Contact Bailiff Janie Smoter at 206 477-1605.

Judge Jaime Hawk

Department 10. Courtroom number 3H. Contact Bailiff Mary Ballanger at 206-477-1385.

Judge Mark Larrañaga

Department 33. Courtroom 4H; Contact Bailiff Bren Smith at 206-477-1525.

Judge Maureen McKee

Department 5. Courtroom number 4C. Contact Bailiff Regine Tugublimas at 206-477-1354.

Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps

Department 14. Courtroom number 3F. Contact Bailiff Laura Dorris at 206-477-1411.

Judge Averil Rothrock - Asst. Presiding Judge

Department 16. Courtroom number 4J. Contact Bailiff Craig Morrison at 206-477-1423.

Judge Josephine Wiggs

Department 17. Courtroom number 3-C. Contact Bailiff Lati Culverson at 206-477-4933.

Unified Family Court

Judge Monica Cary

Department 3. Courtroom number 4D. Contact Bailiff Joanna Antrim at (206) 477-1345.

Judge Taki Flevaris

Department 38. Courtroom number 4F. Contact Bailiff Ayako Sato at 206-477-1555.

Judge Haydee Vargas

Department 12. Courtroom number 4G. Contact Bailiff Kassie Smith at 206-477-1397.


Judge Coreen Wilson

Department 30. Courtroom number 1L. Contact Bailiff Jason Ellis at 206-477-1507. 

Drug Court, Kent

Judge John McHale

Department 43. Courtroom number E-912. Contact Bailiff Lisa Zimnisky at 206-477-1585. 

Clark Children and Family Justice Center, Seattle

Dependency/Juvenile Offender

Judge Samuel Chung

Department 15. Courtroom number 4C. Contact Bailiff Jim Petersen at 206-477-1417.

Unified Family Court

Judge Matt Lapin

Department 8. Courtroom number 3C. Contact Bailiff Maria Diga at 206-477-1373.

Judge Jason Poydras

Department 18. Courtroom number 3A. Contact Bailiff Alessandra de Faria at 206-477-1435.

Judge E. Rania Rampersad

Department 11. Courtroom Number: 3B. Contact Bailiff Kanisha Owens at 206-477-1391

Juvenile Offender

Judge Veronica Galván - Chief Judge, CCFJC

Department 21. Courtroom number 1A. Contact Bailiff Sonam Lata at 206-477-1453.

Judge Joe Campagna

Department 39. Courtroom number 1B. Contact Bailiff Samuel Zarky at 206-477-1561.

Judge Kristin Richardson

Department 52. Courtroom number 4A. Contact Bailiff Sarah Hudson at 206-477-1641.


Judge Janet Helson - Lead Judge, Dependency

Department 7. Courtroom number 4D. Contact Bailiff Shannon Raymond at 206-477-1367.

Judge Adrienne McCoy

Department 54. Courtroom number 4B. Contact Bailiff Joy Stransky at 206-477-9233.