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The Third Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse is temporarily closed. Please use the Fourth Avenue entrance.  
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Please observe the following protocols when preparing for trial.

Civil Calendar Trials

  • Status conferences, CR 16 conferences, and pre-trial conferences will be scheduled at the court’s discretion.
  • Pursuant to local rules, all trial memoranda, the joint statement of evidence, and other trial submissions are due no later than five (5) court days prior to trial.
  • Please notify the court immediately if there are issues affecting your trial, such as interpreter needs, scheduling issues, or other special needs.


  • All counsel and parties must be prepared at the end of each day to disclose all witnesses that party is intending to call the following day in trial.


  • Please contact the courtroom clerk by e-mail to obtain information on pre-numbering exhibits.
  • Counsel/parties shall deliver two sets of exhibits to the judge’s mailroom at least one week prior to the trial date. The first (original set) will be marked by the clerk and used at trial. The second set is a working copy for the Judge.

Jury Instructions

  • Plaintiff shall submit a full set of proposed instructions. Defendant shall then submit only those instructions that supplement or alter the plaintiff’s instructions. The balance of the instructions will be considered agreed instructions, unless written objection is noted.
  • Please use the most recent versions of the Washington Pattern Jury Instructions.

Court Transcripts

  • For courtrooms operating with a court reporter: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the transcript, please contact the bailiff and/or the court reporter.
  • For digitally recorded courtrooms: If prior to the hearing or trial you know that you will want a copy of the CD, notify the bailiff or courtroom clerk, who will be able to provide the information needed at the end of the hearing. If at some time following the hearing or trial, you determine you need a copy of the CD, it may be obtained directly from the Clerk's Office copy center. You will need to submit a completed CD Request Form.


  • If the parties need extra equipment (TV/DVD/VCR), please contact the bailiff with equipment questions at least five (5) days prior to the trial date.


The King County Courthouse (Seattle) 3rd Avenue entrance is closed due to construction. It will remain closed through July 26. Please use the 4th Avenue entrance on the west side of 4th Avenue. Visitors can also use the King County Administration Building to enter the courthouse. Enter the Admin Building on 4th Avenue or 5th Avenue and take the elevator to "T" Tunnel.