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Due to challenges related to COVID-19, King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (BHRD) will not host a Behavioral Health Legislative Forum in 2020.

Knowing how many of our partners, provider agencies, legislators, advocates and community members look forward to our annual forum event, this decision was difficult to make. Many of you attend the forum year after year and have seen it evolve over the years. This will be a temporary pause in 2020, and an opportunity for BHRD to regroup and rethink how the Behavioral Health Legislative Forum will look in years to come.

We are exploring ways we can engage with legislators, and throughout the 2020-2021 legislative session, we will remain focused on our legislative priorities and their impact on the future of behavioral health services and the ability of the system to meet the increased need for services.

Finally, King County's Behavioral Health Legislative Forum is an opportunity for individuals in recovery to share their stories and connect with the recovery community, and we want to recognize all the individuals who are in recovery for mental health and substance use disorder. Each and every day you continue to demonstrate resilience and hope. 

For More Information

Contact Amanda Flatley

Legislative Forum Coordinator

(206) 263-0723

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Behavioral Health Legislative Priorities

 2021 State Legislative Priorities for Behavioral Health

1. Protect Medicaid behavioral health rates & support value-based payment mechanisms.

2. Protect access to community-based crisis services.

3. Fully and effectively fund Phase 2 ($19.8M) of the Trueblood Settlement Agreement.

4. Require operation of new community-based treatment beds prior to closing more Western State Hospital (WSH) civil wards of a similar scale.

5. Strengthen and grow the vital behavioral health workforce.

 2020 Federal Priorities for Behavioral Health

1.Support and defend access to health care including behavioral health treatment and Medicaid.

2. Promote coordinated care and safety by aligning substance use disorder confidentiality rules with HIPAA.

3. Repeal the Institutions for Mental Disease (IMD) exclusion.

King County Behavioral Health Legislative Forum 2019

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Behavioral Health Legislative Forum Pre-Event Behavioral Health Legislative Forum 2019

Recapping the 2019 Forum Numbers:

  • An estimated 650 community members
  • 22 state legislators and 3 county councilmembers

  • 1 state legislator, and 2 members of congress were represented by staff

  • 28 total federal/state/county legislative offices represented

  • At least 230 community members participated in conversations with their representatives

  • 57 community organization co-sponsors

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