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Get a quick look at the Top 10 actions you can take (as a business and a resident) to help King County reach its goal of Zero Waste of Resources.

Top 10 things you can do at home

  1. Learn what's in your garbage and where it goes.
  2. Take simple steps to create less waste. From reducing junk mail to buying waste free gifts - there are a number ways to reduce and prevent waste.
  3. Give your unwanted items a second life by advertising them (for free) on Craigslist external link or Freecycle external link .
  4. Find a destination for your unwanted items by searching the extensive list of recyclers and reusers on our What do I do with…? Web site.
  5. Practice natural yard care by mulch mowing and composting in your backyard.
  6. Sign up for curbside recycling collection today and have your recyclables picked up right outside your door.
  7. Get involved in your community by becoming a Master Recycler Composter. Llearn about resource conservation and waste reduction and become a community volunteer.
  8. Become an EcoConsumer and be mindful of the impact of what you buy.
  9. Add food scraps and food soiled paper to your yard waste bin. Check to see that your waste hauler accepts food waste in your service area.
  10. Make the right green building choices when thinking about building or remodeling your home.

Top 10 things you can do at work

  1. Learn about programs for reducing waste at your business or workplace including recycling and waste prevention.
  2. Save money and reduce waste naturally by composting your food waste
  3. Increase use of recycled materials through the LinkUp program - expanding markets for recycled materials through free technical and marketing assistance to businesses and processors or manufacturers of recycled materials.
  4. Become a Solid Waste Division Partner and contribute to waste reduction and the recycling of resources by joining one of our programs, such as the Take it Back Network of electronics recyclers or by listing business as a recycler on the What do I do with…? Web site.
  5. If you are a builder or construction company, reduce waste through construction recycling.
  6. Make green building choices. Learn about LEED™ certification and other programs, trainings and references on sustainable design, construction and operation of buildings and landscapes.
  7. Visit the Green Holidays Web site to learn more about reducing waste during the holidays.
  8. Learn about product stewardship and the effort to share responsibility for waste management among consumers, retailers and manufacturers.
  9. If you are a builder or developer and would like to incorporate natural choices in your work, choose sustainable landscaping.


Many items we no longer want are exactly what someone else is looking for. Give your unwanted items another life by advertising them and consider buying used instead of new - browse and post to the sites below, for free:


Recycling is good for the environment and the economy, saving resources while creating jobs. Find the best destination for your unwanted items using the recycling resources below:

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