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What can you do? - Garbage & recycling services

What can you do?

There are many things you can do to help King County reach Zero Waste of Resources (ZWR):

  • Rethink your purchases and practices.
  • Reduce your purchases.
  • Buy reused materials and when you're done with something, find someone else who wants it.
  • Give your garbage a second chance. Recycle materials that have value at the curb or a collection event.
  • Check out the Top 10 List of things you can do to help reach ZWR in King County.
  • Get involved and help make ZWR happen in King County.


Rethink your everyday choices - what you buy, what you give, and what you do. Explore the following topics to learn how you can help King County reach Zero Waste of Resources:

What Can You Do?
An EcoConsumer balances consuming and conserving. Find the resources for making conscientious purchasing choices.
  • King County EcoConsumer helps guide you to information about spending your money and time wisely, while keeping in mind your impact on the environment.
  • Consider Green Building and environmentally preferable building and remodeling alternatives.
  • Natural Yard Care – have the lawn and garden you want in an environmentally sound and affordable way.
  • Green Holidays provides a number of eco-friendly tips during the holiday season.


Take action to create less waste and consume fewer resources in the first place, saving you time and money from recycling and disposal. Explore the following topics to learn how you can help King County reach Zero Waste of Resources:

  • Waste Prevention - there are many ways to reduce the garbage you create in the first place.


Many items we no longer want are exactly what someone else is looking for. Give your unwanted items another life by advertising them and consider buying used instead of new - browse and post to the sites below, for free:


Recycling is good for the environment and the economy, saving resources while creating jobs. Find the best destination for your unwanted items using the recycling resources below:

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