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Project update

December 3, 2021

New trail segment completed by our City of Bellevue partners!

In September, City of Bellevue Parks completed the final touches on a trail segment to help hikers to pass King County’s construction site in the Coal Creek Natural Area. The County supported this work through the City’s Well-KEPT Program. Early completion of this trail segment will help people get used to it before the County’s contractor closes the Red Cedar Trailhead in 2023.

Read about the City’s heroic work to make the project happen in this blog article: Building a path for the future.

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Project description

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) will upgrade a regional sewer line that serves Bellevue and Newcastle. The existing pipeline was built between 1966 and 1991 in an area that looked different from today, with a smaller population. The pipeline is nearing its maximum capacity and needs to be upgraded to carry more wastewater and meet the growing needs of your community.

Once installed, the new sewer pipe is designed to serve your community for another 50 years or more.


Timeline for the Coal Creek Sewer Upgrade Project

Protecting the Coal Creek Natural Area

The existing Coal Creek Trunk is approximately 2.5 miles long and primarily follows the banks of Coal Creek in the Coal Creek Natural Area between Newcastle and I-405. The new pipeline alignment will move the active pipeline away from Coal Creek offering better protection to this sensitive environmental area.

The selected pipeline alignment also aims to decrease impacts to both the Natural Area and Coal Creek Parkway SE during construction.

Project Elements

This map shows the project work areas and the construction methods King County’s contractor will use in each area. The contractor will install about 10,800 feet of pipe to build the new Coal Creek Trunk Sewer and re-establish connections to the City of Bellevue’s sewer collection system.

King County’s designers work to reduce community impacts and inconveniences where possible. But on large projects like this one, inconveniences are unavoidable. People can expect up to 3-years closure at the Red Cedar trailhead, with a trail detour around the construction site. There will be traffic impacts during work close to the Parkway.

Keep up to date to make sure you have the latest news and information as final design continues.

This map shows the existing Coal Creek Trunk in light red, running along the creek and through the Natural Area. New segments of the pipe are indicated in darker links that move away from the creek and border the Natural AreaConstruction overview (from Coal Creek Trail Signage )

Design Phase

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Storymap: Coal Creek Sewer UpgradeIntroduction to King County’s regional wastewater service and the history in Bellevue, along with early design.

Photo of exposed maintenance hole cover and riser near Coal Creek. This is an introductory title slide for an open house presentation.Recent updates on project design.

A river with surrounding forest, with a title overlaying the photo: "Welcoming people of all abilities. Options for improving accessibility at the Coal Creek Natural Area"Red Cedar Trailhead Restoration Options - StoryMap and Tour

Project location

project location mapProject location and service area

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