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Project need

Installed during the 1970’s, the county’s North Mercer Island and Enatai sewer pipelines are aging and reaching capacity. Increasing sewer capacity will allow King County to provide reliable wastewater service through the year 2060.

What happens during the project design phase

The County’s project team develops the recommended project proposal and performs an environmental review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Permits are acquired for the project. Contract specifications are developed based on project design and permit conditions.

How King County works with the community

The County provides information on project details including:

  • Facility architecture and landscaping, if applicable
  • Major construction techniques
  • Estimated construction duration
  • Site restoration

The public can inform the County’s decision about some project elements:

  • Facility architecture and color
  • Facility landscaping
  • Identifying reasonable solutions for construction impacts

Public outreach activities during this phase could include

  • Individual meetings with community groups, organizations and leaders
  • Local agency and jurisdiction briefings
  • Public meetings
  • Project newsletters
  • Project fliers 
  • Project Web pages
  • News releases

Issues considered during this phase

  • SEPA requirements and review
  • Permit acquisition
  • Final facility location
  • Architecture and landscaping
  • Construction specifications 
  • Bid contracts
  • Construction bid solicitation and review


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