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The Beulah Park Treatment System serves several dozen households on near Beulah Park and Cove Beach. Treated wastewater is pumped to the Beulah Park Drain Field, which is safe for passive recreational use. The area provides a healthy outdoor space for people and wildlife. See how Beulah Park Plat treatment system works here .

To help take care of the drain field:

During heavy rain seasons, downspouts on your home can send gallons of stormwater to the septic system, which risks sewer water backing up into your home and overflowing into the Puget Sound. Disconnecting downspouts will greatly reduce the amount of stormwater that overwhelms the system. Read more to learn how to protect our waterways by managing rain on your property.

Other ways to take care of the drain field:

  • Pick up after your pets. Keep your dog from digging in the drain field.
  • Don't dig, drive stakes, or plant anything on the drain field. The roots of trees, shrubs, and invasive weeds can clog the drain field.
  • Don’t flush harmful materials into the system. Limit garbage disposal use, as these disposals can contribute to solid matter build-up.
  • Use water wisely and conserve water when you can.
  • Report anything unusual. Odors, large pooled water, or exposed pipes may signify a problem.
    • For treatment plant or drain field problems, call King County at 206-263-1760.
    • For vacuum collection system problems, call the Vashon Water and Sewer District at 206-463-9219.
  • If you host an Airbnb, post these informational flyers on your fridge and bathroom to pass along these tips to renters.
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24 hour emergency and odor reporting:   206-263-1760
Administration:  206-463-7318