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King County publishes a Local Voters’ Pamphlet that contains candidate and measure information. King County Elections does not edit or fact-check candidate or measure statements, and is not responsible for their content. 金郡選舉部出版一份涵蓋候選人和議案資料的地區性選民手冊。金郡選舉部不會對候選人或議案聲明進行編修或事實查證,也不會對其內容承擔責任。

Check your mailbox! The Local Voters’ Pamphlet is mailed to all residential households in King County about 3 weeks before the election. 查看您的郵箱!地區性選民手冊會在選舉之前約3個星期郵寄到金郡所有居民家中。

You can also view the PDF print edition 3 weeks before the election. 您也可以在選舉前3個星期瀏覽PDF印刷版。

Alternate formats of the Local Voters’ Pamphlet (such as an audio edition) are available upon request. Contact us for more information. 可按要求提供其它格式的地區性選民手冊(如音頻版),詳情請與我們聯絡

Candidates in the local voters’ pamphlet appear in the order they will appear on the ballot. 地區性選民手冊中的候選人是按照他們在選票上出現的順序排序。

A ballot measure explanatory statement is prepared by the district attorney; it outlines the effect the ballot measure would have if passed into law. 選票議案的提案説明是由選區的律師所撰寫;其概述了該選票議案一旦通過成為法律將會產生的影響。

No. King County Elections is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the statements, and we print them exactly as they are received (including any potential errors). Candidate statement word limits are based upon the number of voters within each district. 不會。金郡選舉部對其內容或聲明的準確性概不承擔責任,而且我們會完全依照所收到的印刷出來(包括任何潛在的錯誤)。候選人聲明的字數限制是基於每選區內的選民人數。

The measures on your ballot reflect the districts in which you are registered to vote. The local voters’ pamphlet may cover multiple districts and include measures outside of your districts. 您選票上的議案反映了您登記投票所在的選區。地區性選民手冊可能覆蓋多個選區,並包括您選區以外的議案。

You can create a personalized pamphlet with My Voter Information that will contain only the candidates and measures that are on your ballot. 您可以使用My Voter資訊製造一個個人化的選民手冊,其將只包括在您選票上的候選人和議案。

Voters’ Pamphlets are always published for primary and general elections. However, for a special election, each jurisdiction that puts a measure on the ballot must request that a voters’ pamphlet be created and published. 選民手冊總會在初選和普選時出版。然而,在特別選舉時,每個在選票上呈交議案的管轄選區必須要求製造及出版一份選民手冊。

Districts choosing to participate in a local voters’ pamphlet are responsible for appointing committee members who agree to write statements. The statements are a way to persuade voters to vote for or against a measure. King County Elections is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the statements, and prints them exactly as they are received. 選擇參與地區性選民手冊的選區負責任命同意撰寫聲明的委員會成員。聲明是說服選民投票支持或反對一項議案的方式。金郡選舉部對其內容或聲明的準確性概不承擔責任,而且會完全依照所收到的印刷出來。